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When they ask why you love him
the way you do, tell them of the
rainy days in April when he spent
an extra ten minutes walking
outside in the sea storm to take
the time to avoid stepping on
all the worms.

Tell them of the ease by which
he accepted your name into his
body, without trying to pry apart
the letters, without trying to
make the things that defined
you, bleed.

Tell them of how you met, with
painful hesitance, for the first
time, in the middle of a crowded
street. Tell them that the other
people didn’t disappear like the
romance novels said they would,
they simply did not matter.

The streets were still loud and
the smell of gasoline was still
strong and the people still
pushed, but he was there, and
the chaos seemed like a gift
wrapped in sunlight.

Tell them you think that is what
love ultimately means. It does
not make everything else go away,
it makes everything else seem
beautiful enough to stay.

you knew you loved him because he loved the worms, Emma Bleker (via stolenwine)